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Pilger Mill is known as tube cold rolling mill also. It is also known as one of the most important and common steel tube mill. Pilger mill is used to produce metal seamless tubes such as stainless steel seamless tubes, alloy steel seamless tubes and pipes, Titanium alloy seamless tubes, Seamless nickle alloy tubes, and carbon steel seamless tubes.

Want to build a factory to produce seamless steel pipes and tubes? You must need some cold pilger mills.

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China had been producing cold pilger mills for seamless pipe and tube manufacturing since the year 1960s. And now some Chinese cold pilger mill manufacturers can produce as good as German quality machines for pipe and tube manufacturing.

Introduction of cold rolling mill technology

The tube and pipe cold mill pilgering procedure employs ring dies and a tapered mandrel to decrease tube cross sections up to 90 percent. Since the process relies on large number of little forming steps, the result is tube or pipe that has substance attributes. It is acceptable for every metal such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steels and nickel alloy, titanium alloy, etc.

Cold pilgering is a longitudinal procedure which reduces the diameter and wall thickness of metal tube in 1 process step. Depending on the material, the pilger process accomplishes reductions of more than 90 per cent in a single cycle.

Cold pilgering process

Also known as cold pilgering or tube rolling, this process reduces the size of a metal tube across three dimensions: outside diameter, inside diameter and wall thickness.

The cold rolling tools from the pilger process include a set of a mandrel plus ring expires. The mandrel steered by the push block and is situated within the tube at a predetermined place. The mandrel is tapered from the direction that was rolling. The dies have grooves in their circumferences.

Advantages and features of Cold Pilger mill Procedure

This forming procedure is cost-effective for other people, and crucial for applications.

The reductions are greater than those attained by other procedures.

The substance flow at a direction facilitates reductions in eccentricity. Experience has indicated that the greater the eccentricity of the tube that is beginning, the higher is that the improvement in eccentricity by pilgering.

The forming measures improve surface roughness, anxiety homogeneity, and roundness. Defect depths decrease in proportion.

Throughout cold pilgering no loss happens. The end faces of the tubes need to get cut away and are out of shape. The benefit of improvements during cold pilgering is material usage. Wall thickness deviations allow footage of product to be produced from every ton of stuff.

Introduction of an type of China pilger mill for seamless tubing with high efficiency and less labours

High-speed Continuous by Germany Rexroth Servo Motor & PLC control (LG 60 GHLS)
1. Characteristics
Advantages of this type of Cold Pilger Mill:
1) Low maintenance cost
2) Easy operation (One person can operate two apparatus)
3) Extremely Large yield (improved by 60% to 150%)
4) Low failure rate (servo structure)
5) Merchandise with precision

2. Machine characteristics :
1) The high-speed equipment of type 1 utilizes a four-axis balance structure, and therefore the amount of rolling is improved by 40% by comparing with that of center speed. On account of the increase of this continuous feeding and apparatus, the yield is increased by 60% by comparing with that of the middle-speed shutdown servo equipment.

2) The high-speed equipment of type 2 uses a planetary equilibrium arrangement, by which the rack can be driven without the connection rod, the inertia force generated in the rolling procedure can be emptied further, along with the amount of rolling and yield could be improved significantly. By taking the type 2 equipment together with the high speed of 25 for example, the speed, in comparison with that of the middle-speed shutdown servo equipment, is improved by 128%, and the yield is totally increased by 148 percent on account of the configuration of the continuous feeding and rolling apparatus.

3) The equipment is supplied with a sliding cap, where the roller could be replaced quickly, time consumption is reduced, and the return is improved.

4) All the high-speed and constant feeding cold pilgering mills controlled by utilizing 6 to 7 components of servo motor, and therefore the work of each moving part is more flexible.

5) The rotary feed system has been controlled with German Rexroth AC servo, wherein the feed amount is accurate, trustworthy and stepless adjustable, the deviation of feed amount is not greater than 2 percent, the size of the rotation angle can be adjusted, the billet is going to be rotated and fed for two times in the same rolling process, and therefore the distribution of rolling drive is even, the axial pressure is reduced appreciably, the high-precision pipe with small deviation of the outer diameter and wall thickness can be obtained, and the yield is high.

6) Compared with unwanted feeding, the rolling mill, that uses end feeding mode, omits the center bar removing device; moreover, the position of the center bar in the deformation zone is accurate, the rolling point is brief, the manner is suitable for the rolling extended billet, and also the working efficiency of the rolling mill is improved.

7) The feeding, discharging, perforating and other processes are controlled with MLC program,, and so the degree of automation is high.

8) The rolling pressure of the rolling machine is reduced by using a curve type core bar, and therefore the deformation of the billet metal is even and reasonable.

9) The main gear is given with hardened tooth grinding process, where the transmission is smooth, and the sound is low.

10) The main shaft and significant equipment are made of high- strength alloy steel.

11) The interior surface of the billet utilized is lubricated to improve the inner surface of the pipe, while prolonging the service life of their center bar.

12) The rolling machine uses annular ring kind roller, curve type center bar, in addition to the rolling mode of dual rotation and dual feed, and therefore the correction capability to the billet where the wall thickness is more irregular is relatively strong.

13) The equipment has a core bar fracture detection apparatus, where the equipment will be automatically stopped in the event of the fracture of the center bar, and therefore the equipment can be protected well.

14) A range of patented technology are applied to the equipment, such as floating kind brake, and hydraulic locking nut of the stand. (The feed of this before dead center shall be determined according to the particular rolling condition)

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How to buy quality seamless stainless steel bright annealed tubes?

Bright annealed tubes are widely used in various industries such as gas industry, food industry, seawater desalination, Semiconductor industry, Fine Chemicals industry and so on. As these industries in the high end of the industry systems, the requirements of bright annealed tubes are quite high, so it is very important to buy quality seamless stainless steel BA tubes for these applications.

How can we buy the good quality bright annealed tubes? Here below is the points.

Make clear your requirements of BA tubes

To get the high quality stainless steel bright annealed tubes (BA tubes), we need to make clear specific requirements of the BA tubes first. The requirements including the below:

1) Production Standards

Bright annealed stainless steel tubes are mostly produced according to American standards ASTM A213, ASTM A269, ASTM A270, ASTM A 632;

Or according to European /ISO standard EN10216-5, EN 10297-2.

Some times we need to indicate the standard of the dimensions such as ISO 1127 D4/T4 or EN 10305-1 (DIN 2391).

2) Tube Dimensions

Bright annealed stainless steel tubes sizes are determined by outside diameter and wall thickness. So we should make clear what is the outside diameter and what is the wall thickness of the stainless steel tubes.

How to choose the right size of the stainless steel bright annealed tube?

Usually the diameter of the seamless BA tube is determined by the fluid flow rate and speed. Sometimes we need to consider the dimensions of the valves, flanges, connectors and other supporting components.

And when you decided the outside diameter, you need to choose the right wall thickness. Usually the wall thickness is determined by the working pressure of the fluid. As this is a little complicate, I will explain in another blog article how to calculate the suitable steel tube wall thickness with the working pressure.

The above questions are for the end users of the stainless seamless tubes. For stainless steel seamless tube distributors, you just need to choose the mostly used sizes of bright annealed stainless tubes and buy from a good quality supplier, and then keep in stock and distribute these. But do you know what sizes are the most popular sizes for the seamless stainless steel bright annealed tubes? I will make a list of the most popular sizes for seamless stainless steel tubing stockist.

Besides the O.D and W.T, we also need to indicate the lengths of each stainless steel seamless tube. There are fixed length steel tubes and random length steel tubes. Normally the fixed length tubes are a little more expensive than the random length steel tubes.

Do not forgot to indicate the tolerance requirements of the above dimensions.

There are two types of dimensions of stainless steel tubes which are metric sizes and imperial sizes. It is very important to make sure the supplier understand your required tube sizes rightly. Mostly the stainless steel tube manufacturers in countries other than America prefer to use metric sizes. For examples, many of the China seamless tube factories are not familiar with imperial sizes and AISI nominal pipe sizes, though they can produce high quality stainless steel seamless tubes and pipes. So we need to confirm with the supplier they understand the sizes rightly.

3) Material grade

There are many different stainless steel grades available for bright annealed tubes, such as 304/304L, 316/316L, 316Ti, 321; and duplex stainless steel grades as S31803, S32205 also.

Some times you might need to use EN/DIN steel grades as 1.4301/1.4307, 1.4401/1.4404, 1.4435, 1.4571, 1.4462, and so on.


4) Surface requirements

Bright and smooth surfaces is the main features of stainless steel bright annealed tubes. Buyer should indicate the surface roughness of the BA tubes.

Here below is the typical requirements of Bright tubes.

For cold rolled(pilgered) tubes internal surface Ra < 0.5um or better

Cold drawn tubes internal surface Ra < 0.3um or better

5) Requirements of the Mechanical properties

In some cases or applications, we need to indicate the mechanical properties and NDT requirements for the ordered bright annealed stainless steel seamless tubes.

To be continued.


Why only several countries manufacture stainless steel seamless tube?

Stainless steel seamless tubes and pipes are widely used in various industries. However, to produce the stainless steel seamless tubes is not easy. So there are only several countries in the world have factories that can produce the stainless steel seamless tubes. To explain the reason, we need to know the main process of stainless steel seamless tubes first.

How is the seamless stainless steel pipes and tubes produced?